Loot Mechanics Podcast

Odyssey of Pain

Episode #43 – We discuss the new expansion for “Elite: Dangerous”, and Scormey has a bit of a Rant about Amazon. Intro (0:50) – Our week, in brief. Main Topic (8:58) – “Elite Dangerous: Odyssey” just launched. We have thoughts on the new expansion. Rant (25:28) – Do not preorder TTRPGs through Amazon! Wrap (43:31) […]


Cleaning out the closet

I uninstalled “Lord of the Rings Online” the other day. I also uninstalled every MMORPG on my laptop, including “Anarchy Online, “Elder Scrolls Online, “Neverwinter”, and several more… all except for two: “Guild Wars 2” and “Secret World Legends”. Why those two in particular? Because I have logged into them recently, where the others? Not […]


Puttering about the Cosmos

I’ve owned “Elite: Dangerous” for quite some time on Steam, but never played it (until recently). Why? Because I mistook it for another game. You see, I own a few sci-fi games on Steam, including “Everspace”. I tried “Everspace”, got blown up during the training mission, and decided not to play it anymore. Then promptly […]