I am dying to make new content!

So, I’m sitting here, doing nothing. Yet again. I’m telling you, sitting at home, recovering from heart surgery, sucks. Most of the time I want to be doing something creative, but I get worn out way too quickly to do anything but read Facebook or write the occasional blog post!

That’s about to end, though.

Recently I’ve found that I am able to walk all the way around the block, with my wife’s help. If I can walk that far, then I should be able to do something creative. I doubt it would be something like Livestreaming (which takes a lot more stamina than a brisk walk), or even making a video for YouTube, but what about a podcast?

The biggest problem with making a podcast is that I have to schedule something with my brother Beoulus, and he’s not all that available. He’s actually got a job to do, and I don’t at the moment.

But what if I did some solo, filler-style podcasts? Something like short-form talks, to kind of fill in while we’re finalizing our new podcast format, and getting ready to launch it (likely in August)?

I used to do solo podcasts all the time, for years, in fact. They are easy to produce, as I can make them on my schedule, as I feel like it. So why aren’t I doing this already?


Literally, that’s not a joke. Even after being several weeks after my surgery, I still find myself going from “I feel pretty good today” to unconscious in my recliner in about three minutes flat. In short, I’m not sure how, or even if, this is going to work.

That said, I think I way just give it a try, as best I can. Because if I don’t, I may just go insane.

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