Well, that explains a lot…

So, I suck at Podcasting. What to know how I know that?

Well, there are a lot of ways to know that. Primarily, all of the shows I’ve been on are poorly produced, edited like a five year old bashed on a computer that happens to be running Audacity, and I have the hosting skills of an angry, untalent gerbil. That may seem a tad harsh, but true. But even beyond all that, I recently came across even more evidence to lead to this conclusion.


What’s that? “.ZeroStar” is an actual-play podcast, where a group of friends play the ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’-based game, “Uncharted Worlds”. It is a huge amount of fun, the group of players are talented roleplayers, and with their Game-Master, they all weave a really gripping story.

It is head-and-shoulders better than “Knights of the Tabletop” podcast, when it comes to recording, editing, and production values.

It is also their first podcast.

I, on the other hand, have been podcasting for over a decade.

What exactly does that tell you?

Look, I’m not looking for pity here, and I’m not tearing down the others on KOTT, either. The players are the only reason KOTT is even listenable. I’m just saying that I am actually embarrassed by what I’ve put out so far, and while I’m not going to scrap the shows yet to come, it really makes me want to just walk away from the hobby. You would think I would be able to put out something halfway good at this point, and thus far, that just isn’t happening… because I suck at this…

Just saying.

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