Cheat Day

I don’t cheat, as a general rule.

Since nearly a year ago, when I found out my body was starting to fall apart, with one ailment found after another for months on end, I have been on a pretty strict diet. I’m diabetic, so My Lovely Bride™ and I switched to a Low-Carb diet, nearly Keto in how strict we are with it. Between that diet and my oral medication, I have been able to control my diabetes, without having to use Insulin shots, which was something I was adamantly against.

Yeah. So, I cheated.

Specifically, on Independence Day, My Lovely Bride™ decided to do something special for ourselves. We decided to get ourselves some Junk Food from one of our old favorite fast-food haunts: Dairy Queen.

I got a Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Fries, and a Chocolate Shake. My Sweetie insisted that shake only be a small, but whatever. Can’t take it too far, I suppose. She got herself some Onion Rings.

Yeah. Her idea of cheating is more of a minor slip. I didn’t just drive off of the path, but lit it on fire before I sped off!

That all said, this isn’t the death of our diet, because of course it isn’t. It was a holiday, and since I’m stuck at home, this was the closest we could come to being a part of a family barbeque. It was a small bit of fun, while I’m stuck at home, recovering from heart surgery.

The worst of it is all the salt I consumed, but like I said, it isn’t like this is a habit.



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