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So, Beoulus and I have been talking about potential names for the new podcast that will be replacing “Pixels & Dice”. He’s had a few ideas, I’ve had a few, and none of them really worked out. Some were already taken by existing shows. Others were too close to “Pixels & Dice”. Still others either he or I decided were simply ‘meh’, and vetoed.

… The latter of which sucked, because I had a name I really liked, but my brother didn’t, so…

Anyway, we decided to ask out significant others if they had suggestions for a name. Thus far, his sweetie Lyra has not offered an idea, but My Lovely Bride™ Ten had an idea, although she didn’t know it.

When asked about potential show names, she said, and I quote “I don’t know… When I try to think about such things, my stupidity abounds”.

#1) She’s not in any way a stupid person, and I told her so.

#2) “Stupidity Abounds” isn’t a half-bad name.

Anyway, I offered up that idea to Beoulus, and he liked it too. I’m not saying that’s the name we’re going with, because we are still pondering this some, but don’t be surprised if that’s what we go with.

My only concern is that it doesn’t scream “GAMING PODCAST!”, does it? Which is why I’d like to look into other options before we make a final decision. With that in mind, does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement name for “Pixels & Dice”? Something that is related to games (video, tabletop, etc), but not currently in use, or too close to another existing podcast name? Please leave your ideas in the Comments, below. We might even do a poll about this, if we get enough ideas.

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