Going Dark

Okay, folks, things are going to be a bit quiet for a little while on this site. If the schedule has held (for once), I am getting my heart surgery done tomorrow morning.

Yes, finally.

Anyway, that means a few things. First of all, I’m not going to be writing any blogs for a while, likely a few weeks, at least. When I’m up to it, I’ll give it a go again, but that all depends on how I’m feeling. I’ll be focusing on recovery, first and foremost!

Then there are the podcasts. “Knights of the Tabletop” isn’t really a worry, because we have it recorded through October already. That show will continue on strong for a while yet!

But then there is “Pixels & Dice”.

We have P&D done through June, but that wasn’t easy to get done. “Pixels & Dice” can be recorded in advance, but it relies more on topical subjects, and as such, suffers when we record them too far out. Hopefully what we have coming up is entertaining, at the least.

If not… Sorry.

But what about when July comes about, what happens then? Frankly, likely nothing. I am going to be having a really hard time of it through July at the very least, so the odds of my working with Beoulus on any new P&D’s are very low, until at least August. I would have loved to have someone step in and take over my role on the show in the short term, but Beoulus doesn’t want to do the editing and uploading, so basically we have only one option:


Maybe this is only for a month or so, maybe it will be longer. I honestly don’t know at this point. But for the first time in the nearly four years we’ve been doing P&D, we will be going silent for a time. I was really hoping to avoid this, but it looks like there is no choice at this point.

By the way, this does most certainly suck. I really hate not being able to provide you with the usual level of bullshit that you have come to expect from this website!

Anyway, I have given over the keys to the site to My Lovely Bride™, as well as for my social media accounts, just in case. Not that I expect anything untoward to occur, mind you, but at the same time…

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