So, about this last week’s events…

That was a Thing, huh? Anyway…

A part of me says I should be doing something “meaningful” with this webspace. Maybe giving insightful commentaries on gaming, reviews, advice for other roleplayers, and the sort? Another part of me says I should be taking a stand, commenting upon the Injustices of this world. Using my White Cis Straight Male privilege for Good, right?

That’s what I’ve been trying to do on social media, actually. Here, I think I need to do something else, and that would be…

Just Blog.

Basically run this like a bi-weekly diary of what is going on in my life. Yes, I’ve already been doing this for the most part for quite a few months now, but this is where I’ve felt myself becoming conflicted. Should I bring my political beliefs to this site on a regular basis? Should I focus more on gaming articles, rather than ‘fluff’?

Yeah, I’m just going to stick with what I’m doing, at least for now. Why? Because on one hand, I’m already covering gaming in one form or another four days a week, in podcasts and a weekly YouTube video rant. As for Politics, no matter what I say, I expect things are going to get very, very ugly in the coming months. Will there be War? I hope not, but will blood be shed over the election? I have no doubt on that account.

Look, this is my website. I do this as a Hobby, a way to relax and share my thoughts on various topics, but mostly video and roleplaying games. Eventually, I would like this to be a place where I can support the RPGs I am working on. But right now, I need this mostly to be a place where I can just talk, about whatever, without being judged for what I have to say.

Thus, I will blog.

Also, yes, I know this means this article is one, giant Nothing-burger, but with all that has happened this week, I thought it was important to say at least something in regards to it. So, I will say this:

“How ’bout them LA Rams?!”

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