So, would you like some Merch?

TL;DR: I have Masks now.

Yes, on my Redbubble merch store, which has been basically a standing joke for a while, has new content. Specifically, we have cloth masks, which are suitable for everyday use during the Pandemic. As I understand it, they are two layer masks, with a place to add an additional filter, if you choose. Obviously, they aren’t meant for clinical use, but for the general public, they should get the job done!

Right now, I have them in the “Knights of the Tabletop” collection, but I’m trying to get them onto all of the current collections as soon as possible. I am also looking to add new Masks in the near future, if I’m able to arrange it.

So, yeah. Masks. Wear them. And if you like, wear some of mine.

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