Well, this sucks.

I officially feel like Ass®. Yes, I am quite sure that I’m getting sick. Of course, that leave us with the $64,000 question:

Covid-19, or Whiny Little Bitch?

You see, I have a propensity for getting sick a lot, although not so much this year, as compared to years past. That said, I do get sick now and again, mostly of a manner that I can just ‘power through’ it and keep working. But with everything that has been going on so far this year, with a global pandemic, I’m a little more careful in monitoring my occasional illnesses.

Normally, I would think “It’s just a spring bug”, since I’ve had the Flu vaccine already, and that usually does the trick for major illnesses. But now I’m feeling like drek on toast, with a bit of a sore throat, a dry cough on occasion, and body aches. I do not have chest tightness, or a major fever (yet, anyway), so I’m not going into Covid-Panic just yet… but let’;s just say this bug has my attention.

If I had to guess, based upon my medical history, I’m just being a Whiny Little Bitch, and will just power through this, like all the other mild colds I get. But if I post an update that I’m suddenly stuck at home, well, don’t be too surprised.

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