Podcasting Renaissance

Let me tell you a little tale.

Once upon a time, there was a little group of podcasters that came together with their various shows, to form “The Gaming and Entertainment Network” (TGEN). There were many talented podcasters among this group, and for some strange reason, they asked me to be among their number as a founding member of the network.

We all supported each other, and things went really well, for a time. But, as things so often go, slowly people started to fall away from the network, and even from podcasting in general… myself included. Eventually, the network itself disbanded, and those who remained, went on about their own business.

Nevertheless, I have followed many of these old friends and comrades over the years, listening to their shows, or reading their blogs. In some cases, just continuing to follow them on Twitter, because they had fallen away from podcasting and blogging for the most part.

Well, a few weeks back, I remember a brief discussion on Twitter regarding favorite bloggers, and one of my friends brought me up (perhaps he was drunk at the time?). I then brought up one of our fellows from the old network days, and they joined in on the thread. In the end, there was a brief talk about our old blogging and podcasting heydays, and seemingly, that was that.

… or was it?

Now I have seen a few of the old TGEN members talking about bringing their blogs back, some even discussing getting back into the podcasting game, which is really great. Now, I don’t see the ol’ Network coming back, but it is really nice to see these folk getting back into the hobby again.

I cannot wait to hear what they have to say, again.

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