Care for a few Rants?

So, I’ve been putting up content over on YouTube again, even though I said I’d never do that ever again. I know, I know, my hypocrisy knows no bounds! But hey, it isn’t entirely my fault. My “main” YT channel is where I have been dumping my replays and Clips, because “why would I let those replays get deleted after 60 days?”

Except for all of those replays that have been deleted prior to my returning to YT, of course.

Except no one watches these videos. Which is fine, but also Not Fine At All, but Whatever™.

Speaking of something no one watches, did you know I have another YT channel? Okay, I actually have a bunch of other YT channels, but the one that really matters (right now, anyway) happens to be my old, primary channel. It used to host my original video podcast, a decade or so ago.

Now I rant there. Yep, that’s it.

Anyway, it’s actually my main, non-Twitch video content, and what I’m really most proud of. And I’ve got a bunch of content there so far, with even more to come over the next couple of months. So with me going down soonish (not to keep beating that dead horse), I was thinking…

Would you all care to see me post those videos directly here on the website?

Content is content, right? That’s why I was thinking of posting them here (or more to the point, embedding those videos in posts here), to fill up your sad little world with more things to do on this site.

Or, you could just go Subscribe to my YT channel(s), and enjoy the content there? Or do both?

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