2019 is over, and Good Riddance!

So we’re finally at the end of 2019, one of the worst years I can remember in my 51+ circuits around the Sun! Sure, there have been some good times, too, but the bad have clearly outweighed them, by far!

Setting aside all of the political nonsense that has transpired this year (let’s be honest, for the last few years), it still hasn’t been the greatest of years. Between the medical issues both my sweetie Ten and I have had, some financial issues, and other assorted Bummers, I would say 2019 just really, really sucked.

That all said, it hasn’t been all bad. For example, I finally started to see some slow growth of my Twitch channel, which is nice. I started putting videos back on YouTube, as well, which have garnered me some views there, and thus lead back to activity on this website and more eyeballs on the Twitch channel. Finally, we’ve seen some startling growth when it comes to the podcasts, which I’m very thankful for!

All in all, as bad as 2019 has been – and it has been BAD – I must also take a moment to thank all of you. If it weren’t for all of you who have supported me in my various endeavors (Twitch, this website, YouTube, the Podcasts), I’m not sure where Ten and I would be today!

Thank you very much, and I hope you all have a very happy New Year!

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