Making the Sacrifice

So it looks like I’ll be working overtime this coming Saturday morning, which means I won’t be able to conduct my usual Saturday morning Livestream then (at 9am PDT, 4pm UTC). This isn’t really that much of a problem, since that is my worst performing stream timeslot, very few people come to watch what I’m doing then. Nevertheless, I have committed to conducting three timeslots for Twitch per week at minimum, and that’s what I’m going to do!

“So, wat do?”, you ask? Simple.

I punt.

By this, I mean that I sacrifice a bit of my usual Friday morning relaxation time with my wife and pups, to make sure I get a replacement livestream session in! Yes, I’ll be streaming this morning (Friday, July 27th), at 9am Pacific (4pm UTC), to make up for likely missing my Saturday morning stream. I know, this is a very unusual day for me to be streaming, as I’ve tried streaming mid-week mornings before, and it turned out rather disastrous in the end (no one watched, and then I couldn’t sleep afterwards, making the next night at work suck on ice!). But sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet, put on your Man-Pants, break out your big guns, and get the job done.

Wait… What do I mean by “Big Guns”? Well, that’s simple, really. After considering things, I decided that streaming a variety of different games like I normally do on Saturday mornings (testing how they are received, to be honest) just won’t do here. Instead, I’ll be breaking out the game that always is well received by my audience, regardless of the day or timeslot:

I’ll be playing “Lord of the Rings Online”.

More to the point, now that I have dealt with the crashing issue I was having with LOTRO, I think I can safely break out my Minstrel again on the Arkenstone server, and if that isn’t fun, I can always switch to the Runekeeper I have on Crickhollow. I’ll be saving my Warden on Landroval for Saturday night, though, because it is becoming a bit of a tradition.

Anyway. the point is I plan on playing a couple of hours of LOTRO today, and if for some reason I don’t end up getting stuck at work on Saturday morning (there is still an outside chance I could escape my fate), then it will be a Bonus Stream for the week, and that’s never a bad thing. So I hope to see you all today at 9am Pacific time (4pm UTC) for the special Friday morning stream on Twitch.

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