An Unfortunate Circumstance

Well, I promised you an update, and here it is: Regarding the status of “The Gaming and Entertainment Network”, of which our podcast “Pixels & Dice” was a part, it appears the network is now defunct. I haven’t been able to reach anyone at TGEN’s Twitter account, the network’s website remains inaccessible, and our website is no longer being linked to on our former partner’s Blogrolls.

In short, it would appear that TGEN is done. Furthermore, if something has been arranged to replace the network, we haven’t been invited to take part, which is fine, and frankly doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m surprised they put up with me as long as they did, actually.

So, what now? Well, unfortunately the next two P&D podcast episodes are already “in the can”, and editing off the bumper ad for TGEN would be more trouble than it is worth, but beyond that, I guess we just won’t have a bumper anymore. That’s fine, actually, it means one less editing step for me.

… But then again, maybe it isn’t all that okay, after all.

I will admit that the way this all went down has been rather disappointing to me. But that’s neither here nor there, and as I’ll be turning 50 next month, I really don’t have time for Internet Drama™. But I do have time for this:

A new podcast.

Once upon a time, and actually for the first, well… ever… of my podcasting career, I did it all solo. It was only last year when I started doing a regular podcast with one or more hosts a few months into “Pixels & Dice”. And for a good while I did not one, but two solo podcasts each and every week, so it is certainly something I can pull off. My only concern up until now about doing two shows a week again is burnout, but since I have a much better grasp on what I need to do and what I have time for, I believe I can pull this off.

What I have in mind is a solo show, where I rant about a single recent topic of gaming news. My goal is to record this show early each Monday morning, and publish it later that day, so that my Takes will be both Hot™ and Fresh™. This will allow me to address important stories as they come up, within days at most of them breaking, and leave the main P&D podcast for bigger, more important discussions. I plan for this new show to go right into the current P&D feed as extra content, and be between 15-30 minutes in length. I’m planning to do weekly shows, but may take time off here or there for vacations and whatnot, unlike the way I handle P&D itself, which has never missed a single week thus far.

This podcast is still in the planning stages, though, I don’t even have a title for it yet. But when I start it up, you’ll be first to know… at least you will if you subscribe to the “Pixels & Dice” podcast feed, that is!

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say on this.

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