If you have been using the RSS feed for “The Gaming and Entertainment Network” to listen to our “Pixels & Dice” podcast (among others), you might be a wee bit concerned. The website for TGEN is currently down, displaying as “403 Forbidden” at this moment, which is concerning, for all of us.

I have attempted to contact the Admins at their Twitter account, and am awaiting word from them as to what the status of the site is. My concern is that perhaps the network is simply defunct, as there hasn’t been any advertising of TGEN except for from P&D in some time now. I would hate to think others simply decided to let the network go, and not bother to tell the rest of us, but that is a possibility I have to consider nonetheless.

Anyway, you can always listen to Pixels & Dice by directing your RSS feeder to our feed at the following link: “Pixels & Dice” podcast. I may create a special feed that combines all of the podcast feeds for the remaining members of TGEN in the short term, until we figure out what is going on, but I can’t do it today. Perhaps later this week, if or when I get it set up, I’ll post an update about it with a link you can subscribe to, should you be interested in such. Feel free to leave me a comment below, if you really want this.

Well, that’s all I can say for now. When I know more, I will of course be sure to let you all know.

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