Getting nuts around here!

So, thanks to the Steam Summer Sale, I have added huge amounts of games to my library this week. This also means I now have that many more options for livestreaming on Twitch. Sure, some of them haven’t worked out so far (I’m looking at you, BattleTech), but I have plenty of games that should lead to many hours of fun online!

For example, I just picked up “The Elder Scrolls Online”. Yes, I know, I know… yet another MMORPG!  But what makes it worse is that I absolutely hated this game during Beta, and swore I would never play it again!. And yet, here I am, forking over $10 to buy the main game, because it’s $10, and I’m a sucker for a good deal.

On a similar front, I just got myself the latest version of “Doom”. Yes, I know, it isn’t exactly new, is it? Well, it’s new to me, and it looks like a huge amount of fun as a single-player gore-fest shooter. So I can see myself playing that from time to time.

I have also tossed in some Free-to-Play games like “Path of Exile”. This “Diablo 3” style fantasy RPG comes highly recommended, and since Free is a very good price, I figured ‘Why not?’, and downloaded that bad-boy! Since I’m all about “Diablo 3” right now, I don’t see myself playing this much, but just having it in the library means it could be used as a change-of-pace game, at the very least.

Anyway, Steam is currently downloading multiple games to my laptop, so I suppose I should use this opportunity to go get some sleep before tonight’s Diablothon. See you in-game!

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