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So Tenknife has herself a very nice headset now, which is a very significant step towards getting her playing games with me on my livestream, if not streaming on her own at some point. She decided without any prompting from me to get the headset, did her own research, and found the ideal one for her.

Specifically, the Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2, the “Mercury” edition (which just means it is white and grey in color).

Now at first I thought she just chose a Razer headset, because we have had good luck with their other products in the past (we both use Razer Naga mice, and I use a Razer Orbweaver keypad), but no. She chose this one specifically for the active noise cancellation feature, plus they just look super comfy, and she wanted a white headset.

Well, she got her headset yesterday, and requested that I test them out, and see how they will work for us. I plugged them into my awesomesauce MSI laptop, and immediately put them to the test: I had Ten start playing a loud video on the TV, then continue talking with her mom on the phone, while I turned features on and off, to see how they worked, and more importantly, to see if this noise cancellation feature was all it was cracked up to be.

For a while, it looked fairly bad, to be honest. While the mic blocked most outside noises when I was silent, when I would talk, often the background noise could be heard as well, and sometimes it would pick up Ten while I was silent. But then I really took a close look at the settings in the Razer Synapse software, and found that “Active Noise Cancellation” was set to “Off”. So I turned everything off except for Active Noise Cancellation, and tried our little test one more time.

Perfection. Absolute perfection.

It didn’t pick up the TV. It didn’t pick up Ten talking on the phone. It didn’t pick up anything, unless I was speaking, and then it only picked up my voice. This is precisely what we needed to be able to play and livestream together, and it looks like it will work out!

So I’ve taken down the rig for the Fifine condenser microphone I had been using, and am boxing up my other headsets for storage. I ordered myself a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 headset (the basic black model), which arrives tomorrow, just in time to play something together this weekend! Or at the very least, Ten will be able to jump onto Discord through her laptop, and join me in voice chat while I am livestreaming, should she not want to actually play a game right then.

I have to say I’m fairly impressed with Razer as a company, as we’ve had nothing but good luck with their products. These headsets are only the latest in a long line of their products we’ve used, sometimes for years, with no problems whatsoever. So if Razer would like to sponsor Ten and myself, I’m sure we could be convinced to switch out to Razer Kiyo webcams, and I’m sure Ten can be convinced to switch to a Razer Blade laptop, should Razer want to send us one.

Just saying.

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