Pouring one out for the Homies

Hey, did you know we have a podcast here? Yeah, it’s called “Pixels & Dice“, and every week my brother Beoulus and I (along with others from time to time) chat about gaming in some aspect, from board games, to tabletop roleplaying games, to video games and beyond. You can subscribe to it and everything!

Aside from that, but on a related note, did you know that we’re part of a greater Podcasting Network? Yeah, it’s called The Gaming and Entertainment Network, also known as TGEN, and it’s what I’d really like to discuss herein.

You see, I don’t think I give TGEN enough love on our Podcast, let alone on the Livestream, and I’d like to rectify that. The podcasts that make up TGEN are all really informative, engaging, and best of all, fun. We have a few that are currently on hiatus, but I can personally attest for the quality of every show on the network, and I think you would do well to subscribe to any or all of them.

Well, except for “Pixels & Dice”… We’re pretty much the foul-mouthed, red-headed stepchild of the TGEN family. Please don’t use P&D as an example of what you’ll otherwise find on TGEN. They’re professionals, and Beoulus and I are, well, not.

Anyway, please take a moment to drop by The Gaming and Entertainment Network’s website, peruse the podcasts there, and see what you think. If you enjoy gaming, movies, television, and related topics, you’ll likely find a podcast or five that you’ll want to subscribe to there.

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