Oh Joyous Day!

First of all, I would like to thank Muckshifter on Twitch, for bringing this to my attention!

This has apparently been a part of “Lord of the Rings Online” since last October, but I had no clue (thus why I always say “Scormey Fails At LOTRO”, right?). You know those loud, annoying shouts that are endemic in LOTRO, especially from Minstrels, Wardens, Captains, etc? The classes I play the most?

Yeah, there’s a way to filter them out, so you never hear them again.

I knew there was a Quest Filter put into the game last year, but that’s all I thought it was. It would allow you to ignore any quests you didn’t want to have pop up again on that or future characters. Personally, I saw almost no use in such a feature, because they’re quests. Who dislikes quests?

Well, this same feature also filters out Loot you’re tired of seeing drop, so you can ignore it on a particular character, or account-wide, if you wish. Great, yet another feature I don’t need, because Loot = Money, at the very least. But this Filter system also apparently can be used to filter out sounds you don’t want to hear, too.

Namely, the shouts of Everyone’s Favorite Minstrel™…

So, here’s the plan. I’ll be going home in a few hours, breaking out the Laptop of Doom, and loading up LOTRO. Then it will be a quick trip to wherever there are mobs to scream at, so that I can filter those sounds out account-wide! I will then jump on my old Warden, to see if he needs some sound filtering, because I might just play him some in the future.

Now, this may not take all the shouting out of my game. I seem to recall that my Skirmish Soldier (Rose, the Protector) shouts on occasion, but I’ll likely leave that in, so I know she’s actually taunting the enemies. But if it gets to be an issue… FILTER!

Anyway, if you’re looking for this Filter feature, just click on the Chevron button on your taskbar (the one that brings up a menu with “System” at the top). “Filter” should be at the bottom of this menu, as I understand it. To remove a quest, loot, or a sound, you need to be in an area where those items are active. In the case of Sounds, go to that tab, record the sound being used. The Filter will show all of the sounds currently in use in the area. You just drag the offending sound to either the Character list, or Account list, depending on whether you want the sound muted on just that character, or account wide.

Thanks again to Muckshifter for the info, I greatly appreciate it. Go check out his Twitch channel.

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3 thoughts on “Oh Joyous Day!

  1. Biggest use I have found for the loot filter is to remove LI drops for other classes on a char by char basis, so that my Guardian never has to manually delete a Mini Class book from his pending loot or inventory again. You can’t Vendor trash those so they are just a nuisance! Cheers,

    1. I usually carry those off-class LIs around until I can break them down for a Tier 1 thingamabob at the Relic Guy. Sure, it’s just a single Tier 1, but it’s better than nothing, in my estimation.

      Then again, having to lug around a bunch of off-class LIs can fill up the bags a bit, so…

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