Now I’m a bit angry

So I’m working on a laptop that is unreliable at best, and more than likely failing at a rapid rate. It doesn’t restart properly, coming back to a black screen, which is indicative of bad hardware that manages the recharging of the battery and prevents overcharging. I’m not sure why that would cause the screen to come back without power while the rest of the machine loads fine, but I’m told it could be caused by that, or a bad battery, or a bad power supply… and I’ve replaced both the battery and power supply.

Anyway, the laptop needs replaced.

So towards that end, I looked into buying a new laptop, and thought I found a good option with Origin PC. I ordered up a EVO15-S midrange gaming laptop, with a few custom parts (bigger SSD and HDD and more RAM than stock), and was told at time of order I should expect it to ship in 4-6 business days (estimated shipping on 2/9). A few days later, I received an email from “Jake” (my personal sales rep), telling me everything was fine, and it was on-track to ship on Friday, February 9th. Later that week, I got another email from Jake, saying things were going fine, and that it should still ship on the 9th.

Then it was “2-4 more business days”…

Anyway, last Monday I jumped onto Origin’s Live Chat feature for an update, and was told the laptop was nearly ready to ship, and it should be out the door later that day or Tuesday at the latest. Then Wednesday, Jake sent me an email saying the unit was in QA, and should just be another few days. WTF?

So, by then you might expect I’d be a bit annoyed, and I was. Their website tracker (which I’m told by Jake doesn’t work for some reason, despite Origin having daily maintenance on their website) still show my laptop in “Assembly”, Live Chat said it should have shipped days ago, and Jake last said it should again be “another few days”.

Things are not looking good for Origin, especially when I thought I was buying from a solid company, and only getting a couple of easily swapped out customizations done. Dell and other big brands offer the same service, and still ship on time, so what the hell? Worse yet, I could have gotten an MSI pre-built laptop, with effectively the same parts my Origin laptop should have, and had it delivered by Amazon in only two days.

So I emailed Jake a few minutes ago, to ask a few questions, such as “What has been delaying my laptop’s delivery?”, “Why has my Origin communication been so contradictory?”, and so on. I received a response almost immediately, but unfortunately it was an automated response. Apparently my “personal sales rep” Jake is out of the office, and will be returning on February 27th.


So I forwarded my questions to their general Sales email address, as the automated response suggested. If I don’t hear back from them by end-of-business on Friday, I’ll be cancelling my order, and going with a pre-built MSI or Sager. Because fuck this bullshit.

Anyway, I just needed to vent, because this sucks. I specifically went with Origin PC because they have a good reputation, and I was supposedly buying a pre-built “Brand” laptop with some easily customized parts. Apparently not, though, because they are acting just like XoticPC (the boutique custom PC builders I last used) did, and that’s not a good thing.

Will update you further when I know more.

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