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Hey, so I have a question, which I really need answered: What features of do you actually use? I know that the podcasts get the most attention, followed by the weekly blog, but are there any other features here which you might, or might not, use?

Case in point: The Poll. Did you even know we have a Poll? I’ve pretty much stopped updating it, because nobody really votes on it. Is this something I should bother with in the future, or remove from the sidebar and just keep around in case I need an embedded poll in a particular article?

What about the Video section? Does anyone still care about links to YouTube and Twitch channels I’m not really updating anymore?

Speaking of which, what about the Merch page. To be honest, I mostly created these offerings for ourselves and maybe some friends to buy, but that really hasn’t happened (outside of Ten and I buying some stuff so we could be “Team Scormey”). I’ve left it here because… well… why not, but at the same time, why?

Then there is the Sidebar, in its entirety. At this point, we have the Twitter feed (unnecessary), some ads, podcast subscription and friend links, and such. I could remove all that, especially if we lose the Poll and/or…

The Discord server. Yes, some of us still use it, especially for recording the “Loot Mechanics” podcast each week or so. But we could just cut back access to being from the Menu, and I could cut back or expand the channel offerings on the server, depending upon what people want.

So anyway, I could really use your feedback here. Please comment below with your thoughts on the website, what I could pare back on, or perhaps add. Thanks!

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