Midlife Halloween Frights!

I LOVE Halloween, it is by far my favorite holiday of the year. I love the spooky ambiance, the scary movies, the Trick or Treaters and their costumes. I love every single aspect of Halloween.

That all said, as an adult, it’s been a while since anything really scared me about Halloween, or Horror in general. Be it movies, books, games, what have you. Horror may be gross sometimes, or difficult to experience, but it is not really scary anymore.

But I still know fear. Over the last few months, I have grappled with everything from crippling debt to my own mortality, and let me tell you – as someone who just turned 55 years old – that s**t is horrifying! Nothing keeps you up at night like having to write a check to contractors, in amounts that are more than I make in six months… knowing full well that you have access to the money through a line of credit, but that due to the interest, you will still be paying it off in a decade or two!

The house looks nice, though. Too bad it isn’t even close to being done yet! The exterior is close to finished, but then the interior work awaits! If we’re lucky, I’ll have the house done and paid for before we need a new roof put on, after I retire… If I live that long!

Cue the spooky music here

Normally on Halloween night, I indulge in a few scary movies, or I turn off the lights and listen to old suspense radio plays. This year, though, I think I’ll just go over my health records. Maybe I can spend the evening refilling my pill dispensers by candle light, with spooky music as a background?

Oh, wait. I don’t want to give myself another heart attack. But if I did, at least I could die knowing that the house I’d be haunting looks pretty good (from the outside)… and my wife could use the life insurance money to finish the work and pay off the house and all of the assorted debt we have!

That kinda make My Lovely Bride™ the “Final Girl” in this particular horror story, no?

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