Words in the Wind

So, here we are again, with more Changes to the website and its scheduled content. Specifically, if you are a regular visitor here, you might be wondering where the usual Wednesday post is, being “NPC of the Week”. Well, that’s simple, really…

You don’t exist, because we don’t have regular visitors, and nobody read the “NPC of the Week” posts I’ve put up. We’ve been doing that for the last three months, and those posts have garnered exactly zero interest for visitors. Therefore, I am cancelling that content. I gave it a few months, pushed it on social media, and nobody was interested. Moving on.

Anyway, where do we go from here, then? Well, I have a few ideas, but rather than just dive right into trying them out, I’m going to give these plans a bit of time to work them out. So what does that mean for Wednesday posts, then?


Seriously. Nothing.

If I have something worth writing a post about, I’ll try to drop it on future Wednesdays, until I decide what else I might post here. Otherwise, I expect we’ll only be posting the Monday and Friday podcasts on the website, for the foreseeable future.


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