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Meet Thursday, your NPC of the Week!

What is Thursday? Who is Thursday? Why is Thursday?

People ask these questions, and more upon meeting the being called Thursday, but don’t expect a straight answer. Thursday doesn’t like answering questions, at least not directly. It helps build their “legend”, or so they say.

Thursday is a young person, or so they appear, anyway. Are they Human? Perhaps, but they won’t say one way or the other. Ask them what their gender is, and you are more likely to get a poem recited to you in response, than any sort of real answer.

So, what can Thursday do for the adventurers, then? Well, that depends upon what the adventurers need. If they need information, Thursday is the wrong person to ask, unless you like gibberish. But Thursday does know a lot of people in the area, and can certainly help the PCs to find someone who might be able to help.

Can Thursday fight? Perhaps, if it a rap battle, or a poetry slam. Otherwise, not so much.

But what does Thursday want? On the surface, nothing. Thursday goes where they will, does whatever they want, and basically just glides through life without a care or want. But there is one thing Thursday does crave, although they hide this very well: They want affirmation. Those who accept Thursday as the being they are, and treat them as an equal being, worthy of respect, and they will treat you the same. They might even give you the occasional straight answer, although that isn’t very likely.

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