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Meet Skip, your NPC of the Week!

Skip doesn’t remember what life is like, living off of the streets. He doesn’t appear to be all that old, but those years have been hard on Skip, and he carries many scars from his time on the streets.

But despite his wounds, Skip is still friendly and willing to help others. He isn’t a great source for information, but he knows these streets like the back of his hand, and can help the player characters to find their way around while avoiding areas that might bring them… difficulties.

He knows his way around gang-controlled zones, or where the local police or corporate goons congregate.

Unlike many unhoused folk, Skip won’t demand much in the way of payment for his aid. As long as the PCs protect him from harm, while he guides them (or from potential blowback from his aid), Skip is more than happy to lend a hand. Of course, giving him a bit of scratch so he can afford a meal and a room for the night would be appreciated, as well.

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