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Meet Franny, your NPC of the Week!

Franny is somewhat of a badass. The second-in charge of “The Roughnecks” mercenary corp, Franny is a hardened warrior, and quite used to just getting the job done, with the least risk to her team. The Roughnecks appear to live in sheer terror of her fury, should they mess up a task, or put themselves or their teammates at undue risk, but overall they treat her as a trusted mentor.

That all said, Franny putter does not like nor trust outsiders. If she is assigned to work for or alongside adventurers, she will complete the task to the best of her abilities, but if those adventurers show that they are foolishly putting her soldiers in undue danger, she will have no problem ‘taking charge’ of the situation.

If that means taking over command from the adventurers, so be it.

If that means killing the adventurers, and spinning a tale where they ‘died in glorious battle’, again, so be it.

Franny appears to be roughly middle-aged, but could be anything from her mid-forties to early sixties. Her scars mean way more than any wrinkles she might show.

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