Well, this could be interesting…

So I’ve been streaming every weekend for the last six weeks or so, building up an audience and having a great time in the process. But wouldn’t it be more fun to do this, at least on occasion, with My Lovely Bride™?

Yeah, that’s a possibility now.

You see, my wife and I used to play a variety of MMORPGs together. “Anarchy Online”, “World of Warcraft”, “Rift”, but especially “Lord of the Rings Online”, which we played together for a year or so. Then she slowly lost interest in computer gaming, and has since moved on to just playing mobile games on her phone. I have of course made efforts to get her to come back since then, but she’s always resisted.

That was, until she started watching my livestreams.

You see, I play in the middle of the night, because I work Nights during the week, and she’s sleeping (being a Day-Walker). But she has a Twitch account, and has started watching the recorded Livestreams here or there, and last Monday morning even got up a bit early and jumped into the chat while I was still streaming. Anyway, long story short, she had fun, and thinks she might just re-install LOTRO on her computer and join me on a Livestream or two, here or there, when she feels like it.

My Sweetie had but one condition: That she not have to show her face on camera. Since the webcam is directed at my homely mug, and she’d just be playing with me on her computer, there’s no reason why she’d show her face on camera. So that’s no problem! I did advise her that my microphone would likely pick up her voice while we talked, which she has no problem with.

Anyway, so this might be a pretty cool thing in the near future, assuming I can get her to follow through. I figure this will be streams done during the day, though, as opposed to my usual overnight action. But I have been known to do streams on Saturday and Sunday mornings… well, mornings for me, anyway… and these might be great times to play as a team. Or early evenings on the weekends, when I could get up a bit earlier, and she might be a bit more awake and ready to play a game together?

Regardless, if I can get her to give LOTRO (or perhaps Rift) another chance, then we’ll be starting off a team together from scratch, and I’ll only play that character with her. Maybe a Warden to go with her Hunter (both Hobbits, of course)? Or a Shaman/Justicar/Whatever (Cleric Melee build), to go with her Ranged Rogue character? Yes, she always plays “Hunter” type characters… Always…

So anyway, the stream might get a bit more interesting in the (hopefully near) future!

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