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Meet Terrence, your NPC of the Week!

Terrence is a stout young man, of middling height and middling cunning. Which is to say he’s rather overweight, a bit short for his age, and not very bright. But Terrence does have one thing going for him:

He loves pies.

No one might not normally think of this as a skill, so much as a vice, but with Terrence, it is a key. You see, he may not be as smart as other children his age, but Terrence is very, very determined, especially when it comes to obtaining a pie.

In short, he can be very easily bribed with pastries, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, which will then lead to his reward.

The thing is, while Terrence isn’t smart, nor swift, nor sneaky, he is known to everyone. His face is one that everyone simply expects to see. He can wander into shops, taverns, docks, pretty much anywhere, and few would bat an eye. They are more likely to ask him to do a simple chore, fetch this or carry that, rather than shoo him away.

No one distrusts Terrence, and they certainly don’t fear him. He is just another local boy, who means no harm, but has a penchant for baked goods. Thus, Terrence can go almost anywhere, and few will question him about it.

So, if you need someone to steal the master keys for the local jail, Terrence can get them. If you want someone to distract a shopkeeper while the group robs them blind, Terrence is up for it. Basically, Terrence is an excellent asset for any adventuring team, just as long as there is pie, and plenty of it, as his reward.

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