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Meet Genia, your NPC of the Week!

Genia is a Wizard.

No, seriously. They are an actual, spell-casting, hex-throwing, robe-wearing Wizard. If your setting doesn’t have magic, Genia is a scam-artist, purporting to cast spells to take advantage of the gullible. But if your setting does include magic, Genia is the real deal.

Now then, what are they like? Well, Genia displays a level of aloofness to the world, as though they are somehow “above it all”, and nothing really matters to them. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Genia is not exactly insecure, but really craves acceptance and acknowledgement of their power. Whether they are a true Wizard or not, as long as the Player Characters accept them as a Wizard and show the proper reverence for their abilities, then they will be quite helpful to the party. Information, enchanted items/weapons, divination… Genia will be willing to provide whatever help the PCs require, should they be respectful and include them in their schemes.

Is this potentially going to get weird in non-magical settings? Absolutely, but that might also be where Genia is the most fun. They will be quite adept at fooling the gullible, tricking them into providing money and/or other aid to the party. This could open more doors for the PCs than they might imagine.

As for in settings that include magical powers, having a Pocket Wizard would be nothing to sneeze at. Genia would be everything they claim to be, and more.

Now what if the PCs don’t give Genia what they want, being acceptance and respect? Well, nothing really. Specifically, they will refuse to help the PCs in any meaningful way, going as far to leave the group while they sleep, abandoning them to the whims of Fate. In magical/fantasy settings, this could be extremely bad, especially if the team was really counting on Genia’s powers and intellect to succeed on their quest.

Is that insecurity? I would say it is not. Genia just won’t waste their time with people who treat them in a lesser manner than they are accustomed to, that’s all.

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