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Meet Braxton, your NPC of the Week!

Braxton likes money. This is pretty much the only thing he actually cares about, to be honest. Just money. Why? Because, through his view of reality, money is the key to everything else he might want. Women. Power. Respect. All of it comes to him, if he has money.

The problem is, Braxton is currently a little light on funds, you might say. He grew up as the favored son in a wealthy family, but – due to his rather skewed view of reality, as we discussed already – Brax has been cut off by his family, and has also alienated all of the friends he made along the way. So… he’s currently looking for ways to get back to the comfortable existence he grew up with.

This means he will use anyone he comes across, including the Player Characters, to get what he wants.

Braxton is an attractive man, who can be quite charismatic and charming, as long as he is trying to make friends and work deals towards his ultimate goal. But the moment he doesn’t feel someone is going to be of use to him anymore, that façade of friendliness quickly falls away. Brax will sell anyone out, if they are no longer of use to him (in his view).

As for how Braxton might help the Player Characters, well, this is a bit of a problem. He has no real skills, to speak of, short of his charisma. He is full of ideas for making vast amounts of wealth in the shortest time possible, but they are all rubbish. That said, Braxton does know a lot of people, and those he hasn’t completely screwed over previously might be willing to help him and the PCs in some manner. Braxton will also know a lot of “marks”, whom he thinks have a lot of money, and will be willing to share this information with the PCs… should they cut him in on the rewards.

50% of the overall take is what he thinks should be a fair price for his information. If the PCs refuse to pay his price, though, Braxton will have no problem selling the PCs out to their victim, for an appropriate rewards, of course.

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