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Meet Tanith, your NPC of the Week!

NOTE: The idea of this weekly series is to post generic NPC ideas that can be adapted to pretty much any tabletop roleplaying game you like. No stats will be provided here, just a general idea of the character’s personality, motives, goals, and perhaps some plot points they might bring into play. Enjoy!

Tanith is a barmaid in a local tavern. She was comely once, but a few extra years and some hard living has started to show, but that doesn’t stop her from ‘working her magic’ on any interesting people who might patronize the tavern. This pretty much means anyone who is new in town – player characters especially – will catch her eye.

Some might find her advances to be annoying, but she is extremely useful to the PCs, should they simply be nice to her, and flirt back. Tanith is only looking for some banter and perhaps validation that she isn’t ‘washed up’ yet, and she will be more than happy to assist the PCs. You see, Tanith knows everyone in this small town, for the most part, and is privy to all of the best gossip and news. She knows who is doing what they shouldn’t, and where all of the bodies are buried, metaphorically speaking.

Tanith isn’t stupid, though. She might be willing to part with some information, but she is also keenly aware that self-preservation is way more important than some flattery from strangers. If she is going to give up something really juicy, or information that could potentially be traced back to her, then she will insist on the PC’s providing her with protection. A shrewd negotiator, Tanith will always come out on top in most discussions, be it just simple flirting or discussions with the highest stakes.

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