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Meet Dan, your NPC of the Week!

Dan, or as he prefers to be called, “Dynamic Dan!” (yes, the exclamation point is required), is a bit of a wonder. Which is to say, he is really into sales, is very good at it (at least in his own mind), and is not afraid to let everyone know about it.

That might seem annoying, but Dan is actually quite personable, the sort of person who is very friendly, and is willing to help anyone. He simply really likes selling [Insert Product Here], and isn’t afraid to talk about it… at length… at every opportunity. But he does have friends, they simply let his sales talks roll in one ear and out the other.

Perhaps the player characters in your adventure are his friends? Perhaps they have just met him, and he’s so personable and friendly, that they simply can’t help but become his friends? Or maybe they just really need a [Insert Product Here], which has brought them to Dan’s place of business?

Regardless, Dan is not one to let a sales opportunity walk back out the door of his business, so go completely over the top, without pushing the hard sell too much. Remember, Dan is all about being friendly and charming, instead of pushy. He makes his sales by making friends with his customers, not pressuring them into buying… whatever the hell it is that he’s selling.

Does Dan have any other use for the Player Characters? Of course he does! Remember, Dan makes friends with his customers, and he’s made a lot of sales over the years, so he has a lot of friends. These friends range from the highest levels of society to the lowest, and if the PCs need something, or an introduction to someone in higher society, Dan likely has a friend who can help.

… Of course, Dan would really like to sell the PCs a [Insert Product Here], before they go…

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