Some people are simply irredeemable. Their past acts have caused society at large, for the most part, to outright shun them. They are cast out from their former social circles, denied further opportunities within their previous profession, and generally shut themselves away from the limelight. This is most common with celebrities, such as OJ Simpson or Kevin Spacey, but happens to people of all types every day.

Some call this being “cancelled”. Historically, there is a term for this: Anathema.

Now then, what does this have to do with anything we normally discuss on this website? Actually, quite a lot, especially when it comes down to certain game publishers. The top executives and CEO of Ubisoft covering for, and ultimately protecting, actual sex offenders in their ranks. Bobby Kotick and his many evil ways at ActivisionBlizzard. E. Gary Gygax, for… well… everything.

The point is, there are plenty of people who have done more than enough to be shunned by their peers, and society in general, and yet… they continue on without any real ramifications for their actions. Not to minimize his history, but are you telling me that Kevin Spacey can’t work in Hollywood at all anymore, while Yves Guillemot took a pay cut and otherwise continues on running Ubisoft, as if nothing ever happened?

Yes, I know these two things aren’t really equal, in the long run. Not even close. But at the same time, one would think that covering up sexual assault by the executives under his supervision might warrant a bit more than accepting a pay cut. Threatening to have your personal assistant (who accused you of sexual harassment, with whom you eventually settled out of court) assassinated, covering up the rape of one of your employees by a developer, and over 20 years of other egregious acts, one would think that might warrant more than… spins “Wheel of Justice”… NO CONSEQUENCES AT ALL!

It is absolutely mindboggling to me that certain individuals in Gaming are not held to account for their actions. At this point, there is really no good reason why anyone with a conscience should be supporting ActivisionBlizzard or Ubisoft. None. I don’t care that there are still good people who work for those companies. I don’t care if they make games you enjoy. There are other games, and there are other jobs within the industry. ActivisionBlizzard and Ubisoft ought to be like the OJ Simpson and Kevin Spacey of the video game industry, at this point. They do nothing but abuse their staff, rip off their customers, and cover up their crimes.

If this doesn’t lower them down to the level of anathema in the gaming industry, what exactly will it take?


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