So, My Lovely Bride™ and I went to Oregon Renaissance Faire last weekend, and as usual, it was pretty damn awesome! Good entertainment, saw a bunch of friends whom we haven’t seen since before the Pandemic, and so on. Also, we spent a devastating large amount over those two days, but damn… we just haven’t had a chance to hit Faire since 2019, so, I think we can be forgiven for this.

But here’s the thing: We weren’t alone in our zest for Faire, it would appear. Day One of the event was, to put it mildly, F**CKING INSANE! It’s obvious that the RenFaire community in Oregon was thirsty for the return of Faire to our area, and they showed up in droves. I haven’t seen crowds like that at this particular event since their inaugural weekend, and I’m pretty sure there were more people this time.

This is a very good thing, unless you have panic attacks in crowds, but luckily My Lovely Bride™ and I have gotten very good at dodging into little alcoves and side-areas, where there is a respite from the throngs of Humanity. We weren’t able to avail ourselves of the Food Court area, but that was of little concern. Homemade root beer was obtained at one point, so we didn’t die of thirst out on the mean streets of Dunrose.

I did find on Sunday that my tricorn hat is completely inappropriate attire, unless the temperatures outside are near freezing. It holds the heat in a bit too much, and I almost got heat stroke wearing it, so I need to find other hats… perhaps some that maybe breathe a bit better?

Anyway, ORF is running again next weekend, at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby, Oregon, if anyone is interested. We will of course be there in the crowd somewhere. I’d say look for the Red Panda, but no, it won’t be quite that easy to spot Ten and I. But if you do recognize us, feel free to say Hi, if you will. I’ll try not to geek out on you too much, I promise!

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