Putting yourself out on the Stage

People suck.

I’m not saying that just because I’m a huge curmudgeon (although I am). People indeed suck. Let me explain why…

Recently, some people I know were talking about an acquaintance of ours. This other person isn’t exactly popular, and I will admit that they do indeed seem a bit creepy to me, but are friendly enough, so we get along. Anyway, the conversation turned towards this other person’s hobbies, which are rather… unique, let’s say… and the folks I was talking with were having a bit of a laugh about it.

I will admit I was surprised to hear about their choice of hobby, but I didn’t laugh about it. Why not? Well, what place do I have to judge anyone else’s life?

I have been a self-taught Musician, Blogger, Youtuber, Twitch Livestreamer, Podcaster, Rennie, Gamer, and Roleplayer, among other things. I have been very public with my hobbies, and not very good at any of them. People often watch or listen to my shows simply to laugh at what I’ve made, and at me for making them, but honestly, I don’t care.

I do my hobbies for my own enjoyment, nothing more. Did I ever think I would be a famous musician, big-time YouTuber, popular Livestreamer, or respected blogger or podcaster? No. But I did think those sounded like fun things to try, and by Gawd, for the most part they were.

So where do I have any place to laugh at someone else for putting themselves out there, enjoying their own hobby? Hell, where does anyone have that right to laugh at others for their hobbies, public or private?

All I could think of while listening to this conversation was “Is this how they talk about me, behind my back?”… and I have to assume that yes, it is how they talk about me. Let’s be honest here. I have some rather… unique… hobbies, which I enjoy for all the world to see. I have no shame in being a Rennie, and am happy to show off photos from the Faires I have attended. I have likewise shown photos from my old “Metal” phase in my 20’s, in fact, one of them hangs on my wall in my office! I share my podcasts and blog with anyone who asks about them, and when I was active on YouTube and Twitch, was happy to tell people where they could see me perform.

If they laugh – and I know they do – I don’t worry about it, because this isn’t about them. I enjoy my hobbies for myself, and I share them because maybe I’ll find someone else who also enjoys them. Not because they like what I am doing, but because maybe they like the hobby itself, and want to try it out for themselves. That’s all.

I only keep one hobby private, and that’s my music. I don’t play for others, I play for myself, and that’s all I will ever do.

Anyway, let’s bring this around to the original point, shall we? “People suck”, which is entirely true. I may find the hobbies some people engage in odd, or seemingly out-of-character (at least to me), but I’m not going to laugh at them for it. Because I have heard that selfsame laughter directed at me from behind my own back, by alleged friends and colleagues.

That’s bullshit.

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