So, it’s October again, which means it is once again my favorite time of the year! The roughly six weeks encompassing October to mid-November is not only the heart of my favorite season, Autumn, it also includes three of my favorite days of the year:

  • My birthday
  • Halloween
  • My Lovely Bride’s birthday

Pretty sure those are good enough reasons to be stoked about this time of year, but it get’s better (at least for me, anyway). I always make a point of celebrating this season the whole six (or so) weeks, in one way or another. I spend the first half of October getting low-key hyped for Halloween, as well as my natal day. I then spend the rest of October cranking my hype for Halloween into high-gear, all while really digging the Autumn season (which is usually at its most beautiful right about then). Finally comes the first part of November, when my Sweetie and I always take our annual vacation, then celebrate her birthday.

All in all, it’s a pretty good time.

Anyway, if you are at all familiar with my blogs (here, or over at Pthppt!, or even back as far as my really early work on some now defunct sites of old), or the podcasts, or the livestreams, or even the old YouTube videos, my love for the Spooky Season always influences my work during this time. At the very least, I always have Halloween Specials on the podcasts, and usually a blog post here or there discussing something Horror related or whatnot.

Well, this year shall be no different… although it will.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, for the second straight year, and really shows no signs of stopping. Just like last year, this is going to put a bit of a crimp on our celebrations, at least outside of my blogging and podcasting pursuits. For example, we will once again not be welcoming Trick or Treaters to our door, instead celebrating at home with the porch light off. No parties, either, despite Halloween falling on a weekend – again – which sucks!

Despite this, My Lovely Bride and I do intend to have our share of fun this season, albeit modified a tad. We can’t go camping, like we do for most vacations, for example, but will instead be taking road-trips with the pups. It is all about not letting this virus ruin our time together.

But what does any of this have to do with you, good Reader?

Well, nothing. But I did want to take a moment to talk about what you have to look forward to this month-ish via!

First of all, I used to heavily shade the podcasts I am on with Halloween content. This year… not so much. We will of course have a Halloween special on each of the two podcasts, like every year. But I used to theme the entire month of October in spooky podcasts and videos, and we just won’t be doing that.

Instead, I will be painting the October blogs red (with blood)!

Meanwhile, Beoulus and I will be pumping out the same old crap on “Loot Mechanics”, until the last episode of the month. Then I intend to do… something special on that show. Not talking about specifics, but it should be at least mediocre. Which is better than usual.

As for “Ronin Roleplaying”, you shall be again enjoying another month of episodes featuring “Uncharted Worlds” TTRPG. Not Horror, I know, but that was actually on-purpose. Just like last year, though, there will be a special show on Halloween, just like last years’ Preview episode.

I honestly can’t wait for the Halloween Special on that podcast! Not only is it officially the one-year anniversary of the show (although Season One goes through the end of the year), I really had fun when recording that episode. I played the TTRPG “Dead of NIght”, and themed the episode after 1960’s Sci-Fi films, but heavily influenced by Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror.

It. Is. Good.

Anyway, I am hoping to do some more solo roleplaying this month, working on Season 2 of RR. Yes, I know I keep mentioning on the current episodes that I’m a year or more ahead on the podcast, and I was, but a funny thing happened a few months back: I scrapped all of Season 2, and what I had done of Season 3.

Tossed them all right in the bin!

The problem was not that the shows were bad, per se’, only that I came up with some cool (at least to me) format changes, and the already-recorded shows could not be edited to make it work with them. So I have them archived, but have no plans to release them. Instead, I have slowed the pace at which I produce “Ronin Roleplaying” shows, to maybe only recording once a month. This means I shouldn’t get way too far ahead on the show (again), while still allowing me a buffer, should I need more time off here or there.


Regardless, I’m really looking forward to the content this month, and hope you all will enjoy it, too. So, here’s a Jack-o-Lantern:

I'm the editor, publisher, and primary "talent" here at

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