Keeping it close, and other nonsense

So, I was once 13 months ahead on the “Ronin Roleplaying” podcast, but that was a long time ago. Now I’m only four or so months ahead on content, because I have been taking my time, as well as focusing on upgrading and improving my recording space for all of my podcasts.

The problem here is that I have a bunch of great games waiting on the shelf to be played for Season 2, not to mention Season 3 and beyond, and a bunch still on their way (via Kickstarter and other sources). I want to be playing these games, but I have been deliberately holding myself back, to give some of those crowdfunded games time to actually get finished and delivered. Alas, it appears that none of them will make it in time to be featured in Season 2, so I will be pushing out content over the rest of winter and through most of spring. Probably two games played, a month of content each, through May, at least. The goal: To be far enough ahead that I can take the summer months off from RR, in case we are able to go to some Renaissance Faires this year, or maybe just take some road trips.

That said, speaking of Ren Faires… I know that several are planning to open up again this year, for the first time since 2019, but I am not counting on that actually happening. Last year, I made plan to attend one of my favorite local Faires, only to see it (rightly) close back down, to avoid becoming a super-spreader event.

I look at it this way: If things improve to the point where local Faires can open safely this year, then My Lovely Bride™ and I will attend… on Sunday only, though. This way, I don’t actually need to take any time off to go on Saturday, saving me vacation time that I really need to build back up after the last two years of Suck, and if things get cancelled… no problem, I don’t waste any PTO!

“But Scormey,” you ask, “what about Omicron? Aren’t you concerned about COVID variants and all that?”

Yes, but I’m also not going to live in fear, either. My Sweetie and I are both vaccinated, we both wear masks when in public spaces like RenFaires, and we are aware that this might not be enough. We might still get sick, despite all precautions. Your point?

Like I said, if it is deemed safe to go to Faire, we will. This means that proper precautions are being taken by the venue, and infections are at a point where they are low enough that public heath officials are confident it is safe for events like RenFaires can open up again. There is a reason that Oregon (the state I live in) has kept our pandemic numbers under control for the most part these last two years, and it is because we are – for the most part – safe and mindful of others around us. Not everyone, of course… there are always assholes out there who refuse to mask up, get vaccinated, and just want to watch the world burn because “MAH FREEDUMZ!”

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. As things sit now, I honestly don’t expect to attend any Faires or other public events in 2022, primarily because of variants and idiots spreading them, which sucks a lot. But I could be wrong, so I’m leaving the possibility open to attend something, should the opportunity arise. Until then, though, I am planning on a third straight year without Faire.

Thank you very fucking much, MAGAts!

Now then, I do hope people are enjoying the other changes I’ve made to the podcasts so far this year, as well as our scheduling. Part of me would really like to start back up doing a third podcast of some sort, but I honestly have no idea what to do it about. Of course, I could do some livestreaming, I guess…

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