A Year of Pain

One year ago today, I was lying in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit of an area hospital, having had open heart surgery just the day before. It was a good experience overall, but on that particular day, I was in a drug-induced haze, in order to lessen the massive amount of pain I was in.

In the year since, I have spent a lot of that time in pain, be it recovering from that surgery, trying to undergo cardio rehab (not fun!), plus multiple other hospital visits for other reasons. A procedure on my lower back. Surgery to remove a massive stone from my right kidney.

Y’know… Nothing but fun stuff!

Anyway, this year has been horrible, and I am absolutely sick of hospital visits (both for myself, and for My Lovely Bride™). But I’m hopeful that things will improve for us soon. Not only are we both fully vaccinated, my major surgeries are over (as far as I know, anyway), and my sweetie is doing much better lately. Also, I have most of the major problems found with my health over the last few years under control, so I don’t anticipate more big issues to arise in the near future.

No, I am not trying to tempt Fate… I’m just saying…

My point is this: I feel like the last few years have been very challenging, especially 2020 and the first half of 2021, but those problems seem to be mostly behind us now. This leaves me feeling rather relaxed, and hopeful for the future, especially when it comes to this website. I have some plans to change things up soon (!!!), which will be explained further at that time, but overall I think things will be improving in the content we put out in the months to come. I also have some long-range plans already in place, which will solidify our content in 2022 and beyond.

Before I had my heart surgery, I wasn’t making plans beyond Summer 2020. Now I have plans for that stretch to 2030 and perhaps beyond!

Yeah, I think maybe things are getting better around here.

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