Biting off more than I can chew?

So, as you can see, we have some new content to the website, that started in the last week or so. That’s great, and I’m mostly happy with it, to be honest. That said…

… Don’t expect it to stay this way.

Look, I’m working my ass off every weekend now, just to pack the website full of content, for your “enjoyment”. I am trying to figure out a schedule I can work with, that will allow me to keep this pace up, but at the same time, I realized something while creating the new Rant Videos over on my YouTube channel:

This takes a Hell of a lot of time!

Even though I am rather ahead… pretty much a year plus ahead, when it comes to the “Ronin Roleplaying” podcast… not all of the content I’m creating here is equal. For example, I have been recently pumping out Rant Videos for YouTube. I am, as of right now, done with them through the end of 2020. But it has taken a lot of time to get to that point. You see, to create, edit, and upload a 7-12 minute long video of that sort, it takes longer than it does to do the same with a 30-60 minute long podcast. In fact, it isn’t even close, really!

Then there are the blogs. I have committed to increasing my writing output to twice a week, in addition to the video rants, but of all of these, the blogs actually take the longest to create! One would think these would be the easiest to create, and in many ways they are, but they also take a lot of time to write, edit, and make sure they aren’t just mindless drivel.

… Well, at least not complete drivel, anyway!

The good news here is that I can write blog posts at pretty much any time. I can work on them during my breaks at work. I can write a blog after I come home from work during the weekdays, too. Indeed, if the muse strikes me, I can work on my blogs just about anytime I happen to have a free moment.

But they still take time. Which brings me to…

I have no time to game anymore. Oh, sure, I’m knocking out some solo roleplaying here or there (not nearly at the pace I have been for the last few months, though), but that’s not the same as playing video games. While that’s fine overall, I would still like to be able to kick back and relax from time to time, maybe play a bit of “Elite: Dangerous”, or just jump onto one of the MMORPGs I still like to play.

“Lord of the Rings Online”, I’m not looking at you.

Now, if you watched this week’s Rant I put up on YouTube, it includes quite a bit of gaming footage. Yes, I recorded that, while just futzing around, but it does still count as actually playing something. You’ll see much the same on next week’s Rant Video, as well.

But that’s it.

You see, editing in all that playthrough footage is extremely time consuming. Each of those videos took several hours to produce, where recording, editing, and uploading Rants without cutting in game footage only takes an hour or so. Which means, starting with the Rants in mid-November and through the rest of the year (at least), we return to just me, and no in-game footage.

Yes, I know that is boring, but look at it this way: I can either spend the time making Rant Videos without in-game footage, and still be able to produce other content, or I can produce Rants like you saw earlier this week, but stop doing anything else on the weekends.


What I don’t want is for this website, which has always been a Hobby for me, to become a second job. I’ve fallen into that pit before, say when I was livestreaming on Twitch, and all it did was make me hate making content.

So I think I may have bit off more than I can chew… again… But I feel like I can still achieve a nice Content/Life Balance, in time. It will mean making shorter rant videos, without gaming footage. It will mean continuing to make time to record some podcasts in advance (such as “Ronin Roleplaying, and to a lesser extent, “+1Podcast of Slaying”). It will also mean taking more time to just relax, play some games, and not worry about if my content buffer is running low.

Because I do that, which is why I kind of obsess over making content constantly.

Yes, I think I need help.

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