Grow up, you pathetic YouTube Incels!

Just stop already.

That’s what I want to say, every single time I jump onto YouTube, to look at some videos about “Star Wars”, or the DC or Marvel based films, because frankly, I’m a fan of those properties. Any time I try to check out content about SW/DCEU/MCU, I may find a couple of decent channels to watch, such as Emergency Awesome. But most of the time, my feed gets filled up with channels that would rather bitch and moan (or worse), rather than actually celebrate these properties.

What do I mean by that?

Well, it seems that the YT community that reports or comments on these properties are, by and large, pretty damn sexist. Oh, they will claim not to be, that they are just being “True Fans”, but that’s patently ridiculous! Channel after channel after channel, and what do I see? The same basic, misogynist takes, repeated over and over again. Especially when it comes to “Star Wars”, those channels tend to be a trash-fire of toxic masculinity!

What’s that, off in the distance? A bunch of assholes calling me “Simp!” or “Cuck!”, as if that’s going to bother me? Seriously, grow the fuck up.

Look, it’s like this. You can’t claim to just be “True Fans”, when anytime one of these channels reports on SW/DCEU/MCU properties and a female creator is involved, the coverage is negative. Especially when it’s about Kathleen Kennedy.

We get it, assholes. You don’t like her.

Meanwhile, when they talk about projects spearheaded by men (with the exception of Rian Johnson, of course), the coverage is mostly positive. You know what that’s called? Bias, you idiots!

Actually, it really gets worse than that, for many of these channels. If a creator is part of the LGBTQ+ community, they tend to get poor coverage. If they dare hold left-leaning political views, or are (GASP!) a Feminist, they get constantly trashed by these channels. Hell, some of these channels were pretty rough on the folk behind the movie “Black Panther”, because it was all People of Color.

What, did they somehow deprive a straight white male out of a job? Oh, the Humanity! The poor, downtrodden Cis Heterosexual White Male… always being held down, right?

Do these guys not get how they look? Do they not understand that their schtick is growing pretty damn tired? Or are they just playing to the racist, sexist, homophobic, Incels that apparently still infest Geekdom? Because if they weren’t here, watching these channels, then these channels would dry up and go away.

Apparently, there’s some pretty good money in hating on Patty Jenkins, Brie Larson, and (of course) Kathleen Kennedy.

These are the assholes that drove Kelly Marie Tran off of social media, because she had the temerity to play a character in a movie, that they didn’t like. These same assholes think “Star Wars” is just for them, and want to see Kathleen Kennedy tossed out of Lucasfilm on her ass, and the Sequel Trilogy tossed out of canon as well. These are the assholes who think Rey was a Mary Sue, despite Anakin being just as Mary Sue-ish in the prequels. These are the assholes who scream that “The Last Jedi” was a major flop (because TOO MANY STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS!)… despite it making a billion dollars at the box office.

These are the assholes who hate on Captain Marvel, and any other movie her character appears in, because ZOMG TOO OVERPOWERED!… Umm, hey, assholes? Have you never read a single Marvel comic before? Her character is among the most powerful beings in the multiverse!

Anyway, you get the idea.

I will say this, though. They aren’t always wrong. They are correct that “The Last Jedi” was a flawed film, and that “Solo” wasn’t perfect, and even that “The Rise of Skywalker” was fairly bad. I’ll even grant them that “Captain Marvel” wasn’t the most compelling MCU film. They are just wrong for making it all about hating creators that are POC, women, LGBTQ+, and Rian Johnson.

What’s worse is that this is largely YouTube’s fault. They could be encouraging positive channels like Emergency Awesome, and not filling my feed with these other, way more hateful “creators”. It is the algorithm to blame here. When one searches for “Star Wars News” on YT, you can find some positive coverage, but the results will be choked with these way more toxic channels. That is entirely on YouTube, because if you watch one of these toxic creators’ videos, not knowing what they are about at that point, YT feeds you even more such vitriolic content, whether you subscribe to it or not!

In short, I’m saying that the Hateful channels are choking out the Positive ones.

Basically, it all comes down to this: We are enabling the hateful minority in our Geek community to overshadow those that are positive, and that has to stop. If that means we stop watching videos about SW/DCEU/MCU/etc on YouTube, then maybe that’s what has to happen. Right now, these little maggots think they are winning, and in actuality, all they are doing in swimming in a mire of mediocrity and hate. But I suppose it pays the bills, so they continue to pump out that content, thinking it makes them right.

No, it only exposes just how pathetic you really are.

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