Turning into “That Guy”

Red dye gives me a headache.

So, I’m trying to eat healthier than I have in the past, which includes trying to limit my intake of carbonated drinks. To that end, I’ve picked up some Crush brand sugar-free drink mixes. These are single-serve packets, that you add to a bottle of water, and enjoy, right?

Normally, this would be right up my alley, so I bought three different flavors: Strawberry, Orange, and Grape.

I also bought them in bulk, which is to say, six boxes… each… That’s a lot of single-serve drinks!

Anyway, so I’m on box #2 of these mixes, having been enjoying them the last few weeks, mostly at work. I rotate the flavors each day, and while I like them all – they taste like Crush sodas, only without the carbonation – I have to say that the Orange flavor is probably the best.

I have also noticed that the last few weeks, I have had an increasing problem with headaches, neck and muscle pain. As this has progressed, I’ve been trying to keep track of what I was eating or drinking, when it got bad.

Unfortunately, it was when I was drinking the Strawberry Crush drink. While I also have issues with the other flavors of this stuff, it really gets bad with the “red drink”. So I did some investigating, which is to say I compared their various ingredients, and noted something that might be the culprit:

Red 40.

Each of these drinks share much the same ingredients, as one might expect, but Red 40 stands out, for one particular reason. My favorite flavor – Orange – has the least amount of Red 40 of the three. Grape, which makes me hurt more than Orange, but less than Strawberry, has a greater amount of Red 40. Finally, Strawberry has, as one might expect, a rather large amount of Red 40.

Deductive reasoning for the win, as the kids might say. I should make a Tik Tok video and play with a fidget spinner now!

Anyway, so my dumb ass is sitting here, drinking some “Red Drink”, and hating life. Why? Because I know better, but I paid good money for this stuff, and don’t want to see it go to waste! Yes, I could well be allergic to something in these drink mixes, likely Red 40 but that’s just an uneducated guess, and yet here I am… not wanting to waste it, because Reasons.

No one ever said I was bright.

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