Mid-Roll MFers

YouTubers suck.

YouTubers who attach midroll ads to their videos can kindly go fuck themselves.

Look, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I also watch them primarily on my Roku media device, so I can’t block ads there. My Lovely Bride™ and I have gotten used to sitting through pre-roll ads before many videos, because people have to eat. But what I’m not okay with is watching a damn pre-roll ad before a video, then watch one or more during the video itself.

Usually, there is only one mid-roll video in these cases, but sometimes… sometimes… there are mother-fuckers of an exceptional breed, who drop multiple mid-roll adds onto their videos! In those cases, we close the video in question, Unsubscribe from the video creator (if we were subbed to them), and curse their family line with Lycanthropy, until they repent for their video sins!

“Oh, but wait! Maybe it is YouTube doing it, instead?”

Nope. As you may recall, I’ve been on YouTube myself for a very long time, over a decade, and that really isn’t how this works. The channel gets to decide on adding extra ads (such as mid-rolls are) to their videos, not YouTube.

Basically, this assholish behavior is much like those Twitch livestreamers who put up commercials all the damn time, not just at breaks. You know, the ones who drop a 30-second ad every ten minutes or so, just to wring every penny they can out of their viewers’ time. No, it doesn’t cost the viewer any money, but it costs them in time and their attention, so it still sucks.

Anyway, if you are one of these dickheads who thinks “Hey, I’ll add a few extra advertisements to my YouTube videos, so I can rake in some more cash!”, as I said before, kindly fuck yourself. You may not think it hurts anyone, but for those of us who can’t block your goddamn ads, all you are doing is driving us away from your content… which is, in the end, costing your dumb ass money!

Just saying.

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