Feeling a bit Cross

So, my wife and I have been playing the new “Animal Crossing” game on the Switch. More to the point, I’ve been playing the game, and My Lovely Bride™ has actually been playing some sort of limited version of ACNH.

This will not stand.

I like the game, I really do, as does my wife. But she’s playing it a lot more than I am, being stuck at home. But I know she would enjoy it a hell of a lot more, if she could play with all of the same features that I can. Specifically, she can’t work on enhancing our fine town, only I have access to those quests. Sure, she can play on my character, but that’s not quite the same, now is it?

I know Nintendo has talked about updates to Animal Crossing this month, but I have no idea if that means they are fixing this issue. And they do need to fix this issue!

As it is, having the full features of the game only available to the first person to register their character on a particular Switch console is absolutely ridiculous! Unless the goal is to sell more Switches (which my wife is considering, just so she can borrow our game and play it on her own, with the full features available), I just don’t see why they would do this? The multiplayer Leader/Follower mechanic is dreadful, especially if you are joining someone else’s game as the Follower.

  • You can’t wander out of view of the Leader.
  • You can’t gather anything for yourself.
  • You can’t do anything but basically be the Leader’s manual laborer.

I simply can’t imagine what Nintendo was thinking, in this regard!

Now then, hopefully Nintendo will fix these issues in a future patch, perhaps even later this month. But will that be enough? Much of the excitement regarding ACNH will have work off by the time they can push out an update, as many will have simply given up and moved on from the game. This will hurt the overall interest in expansions and DLC for Animal Crossing in the future, costing Nintendo even more money.

So, in short, Nintendo: GET ON IT!

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