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I get it: Y’all don’t like watching me stream ARPGs anymore.

Trust me, I understand why. The gameplay is very tedious, once you’ve seen it enough times, and the quests tend to be repeated basically over and over again. Yet the same can be said about MMORPGs I like to play, such as “Lord of the Rings Online”, “Secret World Legends” and “Rift”, yet those games tend to get much more viewers, at least of late.

So, why?

Is it that the action is easier to see in an MMORPG? The top-down perspective of most ARPGs can make viewing the game difficult, but so can the 3rd-person view of most MMOs. Maybe not to the same extent, but I would think it isn’t that different.

Could it be that y’all just aren’t ARPG fans? I know I started off my streaming career with MMORPGs, and have stuck with those style games primarily (although not exclusively) for over two years now, but most of my viewers didn’t seem to mind all that much when I’d play something other than MMORPGs.

Regardless, recent stats have made your choices clear: Y’all don’t want to see ARPGs, especially “Grim Dawn” and “Torchlight II” anymore, or at least not for a good while. Recent ARPG streams only averaged a bit over four viewers per stream, whereas recent MMORPGs streams ranged from 7.7 to 13 viewers on average per stream, where that 13 average stream would have been closer to 20, if I hadn’t had a bit of a slow start in the first hour.

By the way, that 13 average stream was playing “Rift”, a game that is mostly considered to be Dead. Just saying.

Anyway, I know viewers fluctuate over time, and some weeks are better than others, but this has been a distinct and sudden change, just by changing the game style I was playing. I tried ARPGs for a while, and numbers slowly diminished over time. Go back to MMORPGs, and numbers turn around immediately, and are on the rise, even while playing games that aren’t exactly popular.

If that isn’t a message, I don’t know what is!

So I’m no fool… okay, I’m not much of a fool… and I know when I’m being pointed in the right direction. No, Twitch viewers shouldn’t dictate what a streamer plays, but on the other hand, a streamer who keeps playing games no one wants to watch, is shooting their channel in the head. I happen to like my channel, so I’ll just play more MMORPGs, rather than ARPGs, and see how it goes from here.

That all said, I do still plan to play non-MMORPGs here or there, as I feel like it. I just won’t be so intent on playing a single game or two, that I punch myself in the dick in doing so.

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