To Kazoo, or not to Kazoo

So with the year nearly over, and my health issues becoming quite pressing, I have been thinking a lot about the podcasts we do here at I don’t know if you’ve noticed before, but I try to ‘refresh’ the artwork, intros, and outros for the podcasts at the start of each year, at least in some manner. This helps keep things fresh, which I really like.

One thing I’ve been considering is going to music for the intro/outro which I make myself, as opposed to using licensed music from another, likely more talented artists. You can hear some of my ‘music’ on “Knights of the Tabletop”, as I’m playing the drums during the intro and outro. I also play a bit of Guitar (badly), as well as Violin (worse), so I’ve considered those for options, but not for long, because I don’t hate you guys… and I’d have to hate you to subject you to my sad musical talents!

But what to do? I really, really want to get away from using licensed music, but don’t want to do without having any sort of music at all in the intros and outros. This leaves me with a conundrum.

I’m thinking I might throw together a quick, “faire-like” jig on the violin for “Roleplay Domain”, and break out the electric guitar for a bit of noise for “Pixels & Dice”. I’d probably be better off just picking up a kazoo and just whistling tunelessly through it for 30 seconds, but I think I might just try to pull this off.

Maybe. Time and health permitting, of course.

If we make these musical changes, you’ll see them after the new year!

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