So, we’re blowing things up again.

I know, I know… You’ve seen this happen many times before, and I get it. Change is Bad. But this is something I’ve been really needing to do for a while, especially the last couple of months. Anyway, what exactly are we talking about, when I say we’re blowing things up?

  • Twitch will no longer be a priority on this site. No more Clips, no more Replays, and I might just cut back on the number of times I stream each weekend.
  • More focus placed on my blogs and podcasts here on the website. The idea is to write more, to drive more engagement.
  • Slightly changing up the podcasting schedule.

Let’s take this in reverse order, shall we? First of all, I’m moving “Pixels & Dice” to Wednesdays, because that makes the content flow better. Having podcasts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays creates a better flow than Monday/Thursday/Friday.

Now let’s talk about the blogs. First of all, this comes down to the failure of two previous projects I ran here, being my short-lived YouTube series “An Apple Has Questions”, and the current Twitch clips I’ve been running. Neither has gained any traction, no one is coming to this site to see them, and thus they are just wasted space.

But, while they aren’t perfect, nor always engaging, statistics show that people come to the site looking for articles way more than they do my video projects. So, more blogs and whatnot, less or no videos. It’s just that simple.

Now then, we come to Twitch. Look, I’ve put the better part of two years into this platform, and built a small community of friends that I enjoy hanging out with. But even with the new ability of Affiliates like myself to profit off of ads on our broadcasts, I get almost no views, so what’s the point? Frankly, this sucks. I spend 6-8 hours every week streaming, when I could just be enjoying my weekend with family, or taking it easy for my health. Sure, I’ll mostly be playing games during that time, but – despite what many think – there is a difference between playing a game and streaming a game.

How so? If I’m just playing a game, I’m not talking, not engaging with people in chat, just playing the game and relaxing. The opposite is true when I’m streaming. Even if no one is talking in the Twitch Chat channel, I have to constantly be talking, so that keeps my Lurkers and new viewers engaged. That alone makes a huge difference, and while I enjoy engaging with my community, it is taking a toll on my health.

So where do we go from here?

There will be some cosmetic changes to the website, starting in November. Like I said before, “Pixels & Dice” will be moving to Wednesdays, and I’ll have blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at the very least. I plan to continue to livestream on Twitch, but only when I feel like it. I realize this will hurt my channel, but my growth has been virtually non-existent for the last few months, so it is what it is.

The main thing, that I haven’t mentioned yet, is the podcasts. The #1 feature on this website, by a country mile, are the podcasts. Our lowest performer of the three is “Roleplay Domain”, and even it is pulling in over a thousand downloads each week! “Pixels & Dice” and “Knights of the Tabletop” are virtually tied, with roughly 2500 downloads each, every single week. That should just continue to grow, by the way, as I just submitted all three of them to Spotify, where they await inclusion on that service.

If my clips, videos, or Twitch livestreams were performing even half as well as “Roleplay Domain” – not to mention the other podcasts – I’d be throwing myself all in on Twitch. But they haven’t come even close, so we’re going to pull back, focus on our strengths, and see where that takes us.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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