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So a few weeks back, I did a couple of livestreams featuring Retro games, by playing some ROMs through RetroArch. Unfortunately, there were some issues that caused me to be unable to actually save my games, and when I fixed that, RetroArch would no longer work with Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys an update how things are going regarding fixing this problem.

Well, nothing has changed, although it absolutely has. What I mean is, I can show RetroArch itself in OBS just fine now. But the moment I actually start up a game through RetroArch, the screen goes black in OBS, and all I get is audio. This is highly frustrating, and while I’m sure this is just some configuration issue, I have had enough, and am not going to bother trying to stream Retro Games any longer at least not for the time being.

I am going to keep RetroArch installed, and keep those ROMs on my laptop, though, because I enjoy playing them. I will especially enjoy playing them when my sweetie Tenknife and I go on vacation to the beach for a few days, to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We will be staying in a Yurt, with no internet at all, so the only games we will be able to play will be these Retro Games, since everything else we normally play require internet access. The last time we went on such a trip, I was playing retro games on a handheld emulator, which was fine, but it’ll be so much better on my laptop.

You know, a laptop that will be able to scale the graphics up to HD settings, and not choke at all. While most of these games will still look their age even on my laptop, some games – such as my GameCube collection – look nearly like modern games, when scaled up through Dolphin.

Anyway, I’m still looking into a fix for streaming Retro Games through OBS, but I’m not stressing about it, either. If I find a solution, great… If I don’t, I’ll still have fun playing these games, even if it offline only.

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