Positivity is a Scam

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s your present from me to all of the Content Creators out there, especially those of you on Twitch:

Don’t believe the Positivity Scams on Twitter.

What do I mean by that? Simple. On Twitter you will find many, many larger Streamers who post very positive threads, usually pumping up small streamers, and promising to Follow, Host, Raid, or otherwise support said small streamers. All they ask in return is that you Follow them on Twitter and Twitch first, retweet the post, and in your retweet include your Twitch link, and perhaps tell the thread a bit about yourself. These large streamers suggest that those posting in the thread Follow everyone else in the thread, so everyone in said thread grows.

Seems reasonable, right? But in fact, it really isn’t. It is a pyramid scheme.

You see, the only person in these threads that is guaranteed to grow is the original poster. Everyone else may gain Followers, but they rarely last. But the Large Streamer gets a bunch of Followers, most of whom will stay around for at least a while, in the hope that they will get Raided, Hosted, or even just a Follow or shout-out from said Large Streamer.

In short, the Large Streamer posting the Positivity Scam thread gains Followers on Twitch (many of whom will watch their Streams at least a few times), and their thread gets retweeted on Twitter many times, building their stats on that platform. This all helps the Large Streamer, with views, with Followers, and with mass-advertising their Twitch channel on Twitter, via all those retweets. But the folks who retweet said Scam thread get only a short-lived burst of Followers on Twitch, and nothing else.

No Hosts.

No Raids.

No Shout-Outs.

The Large Streamer is simply using all of these small streamers to grow their channel, as well as their influence on Twitter, while the small streamers get nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. The small streamers do get their morale boosted for a short while, until of course they realize how they were just used.

How do I know all of this? I fell for this very scam, not too long ago. If you follow my Twitch channel at all, you may have seen me gain about 20 Follows there back around late October, and over the next two weeks, they all slowly Unfollowed. That was the small burst of Follows I gained by retweeting a Positivity Scam from one of these Large Streamers. I remained a Follower of his Twitter and Twitch Channel until just recently, after having never gained a single bit of assistance from said Streamer, despite his promises of helping all of us small streamers.

Basically, he talked a good game, but never delivered. Meanwhile, hundreds, if not thousands of small streamers stuck with him, on the hope that he would give them some sort of boost. But he never did. I watched his stream a few times, and while he did give shout-outs to some “small streamers”, it turned out they were just members of his Team, and not that small at all. He was just spreading the wealth out to his buddies, and not helping any real small streamers at all!

So anyway, don’t fall for some slick-talking, overly-positive streamers on Twitch. Despite their promises that they “just want to help small streamers grow”, they just want to leech off of the small streamer community for their own gain.

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