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So, once again, you can expect my Twitch schedule to change in the very near future. I expect it will take some fine-tuning over the next few weeks, but here’s what I have in mind:

More Livestreams, featuring More Games!

Up until now, I’ve been primarily showcasing “Lord of the Rings Online” on my channel, with some other games tossed in here or there for variety. Well, after doing a bit of research on Twitch, as well as experimenting with various games, I decided to try something out. Specifically, I plan to try streaming five different games, every weekend!

Yes, five.


No, really… Five. Different. Games.

I haven’t gotten everything set in stone yet, as I said, this will take some fine-tuning, but I have something like this in mind:

  • Saturday @ 9am PDT (Saturday @ 4pm UTC): Trove
  • Saturday @ 9pm PDT (Sunday @ 4am UTC): Lord of the Rings Online
  • Sunday @ 6pm PDT (Monday @ 1am UTC): Guild Wars 2
  • Sunday @ 9pm PDT (Monday @ 4am UTC): Secret World Legends
  • Monday @ 1am PDT (Monday @ 8am UTC): Rift

The timeslots in Bold are locked-in, although the games I play there are not. I will usually be playing LOTRO on Saturday or Sunday at 9pm, as that game tends to do rather well on those slots. But everything else is up in the air at this point.

Now, I know this raises some questions. First, why these particular games? Well, I enjoy each of them to varying degrees, and one of them (Rift) I have an active subscription to, so I should definitely be playing it more. They also tend to have fewer people streaming them overall, except for GW2, so that makes it easier to get my livestream noticed, and thus more viewers potentially coming in.

Next, why these games in this particular order? Well, like I said before, nothing is set in stone at this point, but here’s why I’m leaning towards this particular schedule:

  1. Tenknife and I can only play together at certain times, and Saturday morning and Sunday evening could work rather well. She’s a huge fan of Trove, and interested in trying GW2 again, so those would be good games to play during those sessions, especially if my brother and podcast co-host Beoulus starts joining us when we play GW2. But we could drop LOTRO into the Sunday evening slot, should Ten wish to play that, instead.
  2. Like I said before, LOTRO does well on Saturday and Sunday nights, so I could switch where SWL or LOTRO goes, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. I’m keen to try SWL during one of my two best sessions (the 9pm slots), to see how well it does in regards to viewers, so that’s why it gets the day LOTRO isn’t being played.
  3. Saturday mornings and Monday early-mornings tend to be ghost towns in regards to my livestreams, with very few exceptions. That’s why I’m thinking of getting Tenknife to join me on Saturday mornings for Trove, a popular MMO that could bring in plenty of viewers to that slot. As for early Monday mornings, well, Rift has brought in viewers during that slot here or there, which is better than most other games, so that seems like a good place to play it.

Again, nothing is set in stone here. Ten might not want to play or livestream on a given week, so I might not do a 6pm session on that Sunday, and instead do something around 1am on Sunday by myself. That 6pm slot is a bit awkward for me to accommodate with my sleep schedule, but it works for her, so worth giving a try, at the very least. On another point, this could all blow up in my face, necessitating a return to mostly if not entirely doing LOTRO streams, to maintain a viewerbase.

However it ends up, whether I stick with this expanded schedule or I just rotate between the five games over three sessions (9am Saturdays, 9pm Saturday and Sunday, all times PDT), I do plan to do something different. I also may cut back the length of some of the sessions, such as the Morning streams and the 6pm PDT stream, to an hour or two only. Ten doesn’t want to stream for very long, and I’m not going to force the issue, considering how tired I’ll be for those sessions, anyway. Keep in mind that I work all night before doing those Saturday morning sessions, and will only get a nap prior to doing a 6pm stream, so I doubt I’ll be up to doing a long session at those times, anyway.

Regardless, I really do think committing to being a Variety Streamer is best for my channel. I’m sure some people won’t exactly like the idea, and I may lose some Followers over this, but I have to do what I feel is best. Especially if I can encourage Ten to stream a couple of days every weekend, we might be able to get her to Affiliate status eventually…

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