So, here I sit, alone

I’m at work right now, five hours in to an eight hour day in the office, and I’ve been doing a two-three person job solo for a bit over an hour now. Why? Because we are woefully understaffed, and have been for two years, but our Management is only now trying to do something about it. But it’s quiet at the moment, so I have the time to put a few words down about how things are going.

Well, at the moment, not so good, but I’ll get by. It isn’t the first time I’ve worked alone, and it certainly won’t be the last. But I want Day shift to know that this will be remembered, the next time they are short-handed, and want me to hold over to cover a spot for them. Just saying.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

Last weekend was awesome, when it came to the livestream! I had a great time, was able to find out what has been causing my game crashes in “Lord of the Rings Online” (The Orbweaver done it! Seriously!), and the viewers were particularly fun to chat with. In addition, since it was LOTRO all weekend long, I was able to level my Hobbit Warden “Scormey” on Landroval from level 30 to level 42 over just a few sessions! If I were to keep up that pace, he’d be in Moria in no time, but…

… I won’t be keeping up that pace. I’m thinking of playing LOTRO on Saturday night into Sunday morning (basically 9pm Pacific until I end sometime around 1am to 4am Sunday), which would leave my Saturday morning (9am Pacific) and Sunday night (9pm Pacific) streams for other games. I’ll be switching these up from week to week, but I may be playing:

  • Champions Online
  • Diablo III*
  • Doom
  • Elder Scrolls Online
  • Gwent
  • Guild Wars 2*
  • Lord of the Rings Online* (Occasional “All Weekend LOTRO” sets)
  • Hearthstone
  • Neverwinter
  • Rift*
  • Star Trek Online
  • The Secret World*
  • Trove
  • World of Warcraft

(*) These games will show up in the livestream fairly often. Just saying.

Of course I’ll be adding to this list, and removing games from it as well, over time. But for now, it’s a fairly good list of what I plan on playing the next few months. Basically, a lot of LOTRO, plus some other games I really enjoy, followed by some others that show up here or there for variety. Because let’s not forget, I am a Variety Streamer, although I do stick to mostly MMORPGs.

Speaking of Variety, I am also thinking of doing something a bit different with the Livestreams, when the opportunity comes up: Ranting. If you’ve watched this website’s content at all, you might be familiar with my thus-far short-lived series “Rantcast”. This was a 30-60 minute Livestream I used to do on my secondary channel “Scormus“, but have recently set aside. Well, I’m thinking of bringing it back, only on my main channel, as basically a warm-up on Saturday mornings, prior to my first gaming session of the weekend. Nothing is set in stone about this, mind you, but it would be nice to have that outlet for voicing my opinions on gaming news, outside of my podcast.

Yes, I know I can voice my opinions anytime I like during my regular livestreams, but that isn’t quite the same as this. Remember, I wanted to keep this rather… controversial… show apart from my regular livestreaming, which I why up until now it’s been on my other channel. But I feel I can voice my opinions in a tactful manner, or at the very least, refrain from swearing too much, so that the show fits in with my main channel’s current ‘family-friendly’ content.

Anyway, the Saturday morning timeslot has always been one of my worst performers, when it comes to live viewership, so it seems like a good option, should I bring Rantcast over to the main channel. A nice, short IRL talk-show prior to the usual gaming goodness… Why not? At the very worst, people don’t like it and I stop doing the show. But if people do like it, perhaps appreciating the variety, if not the opinions, then maybe it’ll be worth doing on a regular basis?

We’ll see. Then again, I’ve also thought about trying out doing short livestreams on weekday mornings, too, but you don’t see me rushing headlong into doing that, do you?

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